Quail's Covey

Bed and Breakfast, Hartville Ohio

Our swans ~ George & Gracie

Follow the leader

Follow the leader

Gracie and her little ones

Gracie and her little ones

Feeding time at 'The Covey'

Feeding time at ‘The Covey’

Spring has come to Quail’s Covey Bed & Breakfast. It is myfavorite time of the year, the quietness and beauty of the woods. Every day there is more green popping, the trees are becoming full, and it’s time for new beginnings.

Last year, we watched our swans, George and Gracie build their nest and hatch eight little cygnets. We enjoyed them so much all summer and learned so many lessons from them. The care they take for their little ones is amazing. They teach them so much and watch over them constantly. It has been a wonderful experience watching them grow. But, along with that is Georges’ protective nature. He owns the lake. Each year getting a little more dominate. It’s not his fault….. that’s just nature. So we decided to allow George and Gracie to move to a new home.

New beginnings for George and Gracie and for us. We kept one of the cygnets from last year. We felt it was better for our guests to have one swan on the lake. We haven’t decided on a name for him yet. But he loves the lake and enjoys just gliding all around. He and our Black duck, ‘Harley’ have become great friends.

There is so much to do here at ‘The Covey’. You can enter Quail Hollow State Park right from our property. Take a hike or bring your mountain bike and enjoy the trails. And I’m sure everyone will enjoy fishing and riding in the paddle boats this summer right along side our new swan and his bud ‘Harley’.

Give us a call 330-312-0083 and make your reservation now for a getaway at Quai’s Covey Bed & Breakfast. Joy be with you while you stay, peace be with you on your way.

Spring is Coming

I looked outside this morning and the weather is beautiful. The flowers are popping up out of the ground. I can’t wait till the Irises start blooming! Spring is on it’s way here at Quail’s Covey!